Day Old Chick

Day-old chicks must be handled with care. A flock that gets off to a good start is easier to control. It has a higher body weight at the start of rearing process, is more uniform in size, has a better health status and reaches genetic potential more easily. There are a number of basic things […]

Interchick Broiler

Interchick broilers are reared for meat production. The Broilers are robust fast-growing birds with high feed efficiency hence low cost of production. Due to high standards of breeder management, the chicks have a high level of immunity and therefore very low mortality. The broilers have the following qualities:  Age at slaughter > 35 days  Live weight […]

Interchick Layers

Interchick commercial layers are reared for egg production and are high producers with a longer production period and high peak production. The birds have high liveability due to a high level of immunity. The egg shells are strong and brown and have a longer shelf-life. The Interchick layers have the following qualities:  Liveability > 93.2%  Point of lay > 18 weeks  […]

Interchick Tanbro

Tanbro is a free-range bird that is robust to disease and possesses a well-rounded conformation. This birds can be used for sustainable or commercial farming for meat or eggs.    Tanbro Naked Neck Tanbro if managed as a layer, starts producing at 25 weeks and can be managed as a free- range with minimum supplementary feeding and be ready […]

Naked Neck

The Naked Neck is a breed of chicken that is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent.  HISTORY OF THE NAKED NECK  Naked Neck birds have existed as free ranging birds for centuries  Naked Neck birds are popular in hotter tropical countries because they are better able to withstand high temperatures and maintain […]