Hatchery vaccination for day old chicks

Interchick’s solution to Gumboro and Newcastle diseases (Hatchery vaccination for day-old chicks) Interchick has introduced hatchery vaccination in all day-old Broilers against Gumboro, Newcastle (ND), and Infectious Bronchitis (IB) diseases. With the intensification of broiler production, total or partial condemnation of carcasses has risen due to poor growth rates, cellulitis, water belly, downgrades, high mortality, […]

Recommended Layer/Tanbro Vaccination Program

DAY  VACCINE  METHOD  1( done in the hatchery)  Mareks   NCD+IB Live   Subcutaneous injection  Spray (done in the hatchery  15-18  NCD+IB Live  Eye drop/Drinking water  WK 6  NCD+IB Live.  Fowl typhoid  Drinking water  Drinking water  Wk 8  Mycoplasma gallisepticum  Subcutaneous injection  WK 10  AE+ Fowl pox  Fowl typhoid  Wing stab  Drinking water  Wk 12  Mycoplasma gallisepticum  Subcutaneous injection  WK 14  Infectious Coryza  NCD+IB […]