About Us

The Leading Poultry Company in Tanzania

Interchick Co. Ltd was established in 1988 and has grown to be Tanzanian’s leading integrated poultry farm with its head office in Dar es Salaam. Interchick’s operations include breeder farms, hatcheries, and chicken processing plant and feed mills producing quality animal feed. Over four (4) decades of chicken production in Tanzania the company is extremely proud of the unparalleled depth of experience that its employees are able to offer customers.

Our Values

We maintain a workplace culture that prioritizes staff engagement, opportunities for career growth and a shared sense of ownership. 
We build lasting customer relationships by delivering the best solutions in a spirit of partnership.
We manage our operations to be competitive, both on cost of production and price to customer, and to minimize wastage.
We produce healthy poultry products through strict adherence to the highest standards of biosecurity, traceability and food safety.

Farm Centre


Brooding is the provision of artificial heat to help the chicks in temperature regulation. The heat can be provided by gas or electricity. The brooder

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