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Delivering Prosperity

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable shared prosperity through sustainable food production

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the food partner of choice

Interchick Profile

Interchick Company Ltd was established in 1988. Since then, it has grown to be Tanzania’s leading integrated poultry operation. From its head office in Dar es Salaam, Interchick’s facilities include breeder farms, a hatchery, chicken processing plant, and a mill producing quality animal feed. After four decades of chicken production in Tanzania, Interchick is extremely proud of the unparalleled depth of experience that its employees can offer customers.

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in the importance of achieving the sustainability goals set out by the United Nations.Specifically, we are committed to reducing poverty, ensuring zero hunger, promoting good health and wellbeing, providing quality education, promoting decent work and economic growth,encouraging responsible consumption and production, and preserving life on Earth.

We recognise that these goals are interconnected and that progress in one area can have a positive impact on others. We are thus dedicated to implementing strategies that will help us achieve these goals in a way that is both responsible and sustainable in the long term.

UN SDGs that Interchick Chicken Tanzania is focused on.

Our Core Values

At all levels of the company, we are driven by values that permeate every aspect of our working lives:

We are team players.
  • We recognise that our greatest asset is our people.
  • We hold each other accountable in everything that we do.
  • We work together, succeed together, and celebrate together.

We are committed to excellence.

  • We are dedicated to excellent customer service. We always keep our promise.
  • We meet the highest safety and biosecurity standards.
  • We ensure traceability through our Farm-to-Family value chain.
  • We strive constantly for innovation.


  • We are custodians of the environment under our care.
  • We strive to be ethical and hold our partners accountable.
  •  We live up to our civic and regulatory responsibilities.
  •  We engage constantly with the communities around us.


Interchick CSR half pie chart