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Offering technical advice, equipment, medicine and supplements

Stop by any Interchick Poultry Centre for feeds, day old chicks, specialized technical and lab assistance or a quick consult with one of our vets.

Our function is to provide support to chicken farmers.

Shambani Outlets

Name Location Contact
Mbezi Mbezi Industrial Area, New Bagamoyo Road – DSM 0653 153882
Temeke Temeke Pile – DSM 0757 874 127
Dodoma Uzunguni 0684 736 022
Arusha Mzani wa Jiji, Ngarinaro 0753 934 541

Discover our range of day-old chick offerings and explore the various products we have available.

Learning Hub
Our commitment to customer success drive us to provide tools and resources necessary for your poultry business to achieve profitability