Naked Neck

The Naked Neck is a breed of chicken that is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent. 


Naked Neck birds have existed as free ranging birds for centuries 

Naked Neck birds are popular in hotter tropical countries because they are better able to withstand high temperatures and maintain their performance than other birds 

Traditionally they are heavier and meatier birds and are particularly popular in France – the home of fine cooking 

Aviagen has been developing a commercial line of Naked Neck birds for the past 15 years by crossing broiler lines with Naked Neck lines in order to combine good broiler characteristics with superior heat tolerance and unique characteristics such as less feathers and more yield. 

India was the most obvious place to launch the new Aviagen® Naked Neck line as the majority of poultry houses are open-sided and where ambient temperature and humidity can reach 50°C and 98% respectively. 


  • Extremely heat tolerant both as breeder and broiler 
  • Easy to manage with reduced litter maintenance in typical floor systems 
  • Ideally suited to open house, cage floor systems 
  • Better resistance to typical intestinal and respiratory health challenges 
  • Advantages in growth rate, feed conversion and livability in hot weather conditions 
  • Reduced feather cover results in higher % carcass yield 
  • The “country bird” looks appeal to local consumers as something special 
  • The thin skin crisps rapidly during cooking and is favored by chefs 
  • Instantly recognizable product – different from anything else on the market today 

A BREEDER PACKAGE FOR TANZANIA – Combine the Naked Neck Male with Aviagen Female and enjoy the Benefits made for Tanzanian farmers.