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Customer care contact number

Please feel free to contact us on 0703 056 055 to place an order and make inquiries.

Technical Support

We offer FREE technical support to all our farmers. Visit the nearest poultry centre or call our customer care number

Prices for chicks

Hello, thank you for getting in touch with us. Our current prices for chicks are as follows: Broilers – 95 Ksh, Layers – 135 Ksh, Kenbro – 105 Ksh.

Day-old-chick delivery period

Please note that processing will take one week before delivery is done. We appreciate your patience!


We do not sell our own brand of feeds, however we recommend that you purchase from our sister company, Unga Farmcare as this is the same feed we use for our chicken too.

Fertilized eggs sale

Unfortunately, we don’t retail fertilized eggs. We sell Day old Chicks, equipment, poultry medicine & vitamins

Sponsorship/ Partnership

Thank you for expressing interest in partnering with us. Kindly write to our team via the email address: and we will review your proposal and get back to you as soon as we can.

Waiting period for Chicks

The waiting period is one week and you can book by paying 25% of the whole amount. Upon payment, you will be given a collection date. Visit any of our poultry centers all over the country to get more information on the ordering & collection period.

Poultry Centres

Locations- We currently have poultry centres in every major town in Kenya. The list of items found in our Poultry stock items include:

Poultry equipment e.g feeders and drinkers
Disinfectants (for cleaning and sterilizing poultry houses)
Pesticides (for killing rats, soft ticks and other unwanted organisms in the poultry house)
Anticoccidials (poultry medication that prevents coccidiosis disease)
Poultry vaccines, dewormers, multivitamins, minerals, liver stimulants

Preventing poultry diseases

You can keep poultry diseases at bay by adhering to strict biosecurity measures:

Cleaning the poultry house thoroughly and regularly
Adhering to the vaccination schedule for your birds
Having adequate spacing in the poultry house
Providing clean water and high quality feeds

Talk to our technical reps today through 0703 056 055 and get alot more information of how to keep your chicken healthy

Minimum- Maximum order

No maximum order. However, our minimal order is 25 chicks

Starting from our Layers, Broilers and Kenbro.


The specialized breed suitable for meat


Quality bird with quality eggs in record time


The free range bird robust to disease and reared for both eggs and meat

Poultry centres

Technical services, specialised equipment, feeds and products, all in one place